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e l e c t r o s t a t i c  m o d e l i n g  s o f t w a r e

Capacitance and capacitive matrix computation

  • Solver specialized for fast capacitance calculation
  • Capacitance matrix computation
  • Efficient capacitive sensor development
  • Model touch-screens, proximity sensors, actuators, parasitic capacitance…

Electric field computation

  • Calculate electric field of an arbitrary metal and dielectric configurations
  • Fast electric field analysis and smart visualization
  • Check if your design complies with the regulatory requirements
  • Use it while modeling precipitators, detectors, MEMS, Faraday cage…

Faraday cage construction, analysis and visualization

  • Build a Faraday cage and test its performance in just a few steps
  • Calculate field dumping efficiency
  • Visualize electric field inside and outside a cage
  • Automate parameters optimization with Lua scripts

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The speed and the price are amazing – beats every other software that we can find on the market.

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Coming soon!

  • Robin Hood Solver for Wolfram Mathematica®
  • Make the benefit of Mathematica’s vast post-processing capabilities
  • GPU support for Robin Hood Solver: faster execution by orders of magnitude
  • Improvements in GUI, export-import capabilities and much more!

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